Monday, November 29, 2010

december wishlist

It's almost December and although the only things I really want for Christmas are a washing machine and new MacBook, I do have a bit of a clothes wishlist as well....

These are my current bathers:

red JETS by Jessika Allen ones

I love them but I want to get a second pair for this summer because I go to the beach a lot and it gets boring just wearing the same pair every time.

I really like the idea of high waisted bikini bottoms but I don't want to buy a pair without trying them on first because I'm not sure how they'll look, and the only place I can find them to try on is American Apparel. I haven't been in that store for about two years because the customer service is just so shitty that I really don't want to go back (not to mention the whole issue of not wanting to buy anything from Dov Charney)....

So I might just be boring and get some retro style black ones like this:

I'm also really loving this Black Milk swim suit:

And these Galaxy leggings also from Black Milk (my boyfriend has a degree in astrophysics and I think that's starting to rub off on me)

At some point a few years ago I decided I was too old for band t-shirts but I've re-thought my stance on that and I really want this Bad Brains shirt:

I haven't even decided what I'm going to do for New Years Eve but I do know it's definitely the night to wear something a bit over the top. For example last year I wore this black sequin dress:

So this year I'm kind of thinking about buying this dress:

And these are probably not very weather-appropriate but I'm also loving:

Letterman's jacket

Black velvet shorts

Waterfall jacket


Elese said...

AHMAGAAAH I LOVE ALL OF THEM especially the silver sequin dress, the black floral bikini and the insane leggings. So awesome.

brodie said...

Share a brain!
I was ogling those black milk one-pieces for hours the other day. I know someone who has that cute floral two-piece from modcloth, and I have 2 pairs of the plus size modcloth one-pieces (the spotty one and the blue velvet one) and I LOVE them! They're really true to size, except the bust is waaaayyyy too big on me in both of them. Having to get the bust of a swimsuit taken in = a new experience for me!