Friday, December 10, 2010


I haven't worn anything especially cute for the past couple of days so instead I thought I'd try something new - recommendations from FAT AUS! These are just things I have been enjoying lately so I thought you guys might enjoy them too.

You may remember this Bad Brains shirt from my December Wishlist. Well I ordered it December 1st and it arrived December 7th. That's seven days including a weekend to ship from America to Australia, pretty damn good! Especially considering some stuff I ordered from Amazon before that isn't going to arrive until after Christmas. So, as well as obviously recommending Bad Brains, I also recommend

You should listen to these songs:

This band, Tennis, wrote all the songs on their EP while sailing around the North Atlantic coast. So you know they're gonna be good.

This is actually an early demo of a Sleigh Bells song that ended up being called 'Rill Rill' but I like this version better than the finished copy.

Wild Nothing - well, who can pass up a bit of good old shoegaze.

All great summer tunes for those of us in the southern hemisphere and if you're not lucky enough to be in summer right now you can listen to these and wish you were.

Some skin care/make up recommendations:

Clinque's Redness Solutions soothing cleanser and I also like their Redness Daily Protective Base. If your skin is a bit red or blotchy it evens out your skin tone and makes your face look great.

Mac FluidLine gel eyeliner. Throw out your cheapo eyeliner and go buy this right now. You will not be sorry.

Jurlique Daily Exfoliating Cream. It's a bit on the expensive side but totally worth it. It's gentle enough to use every day without drying you out and it makes my skin glow.

This video for the song 'Whitley Strieber' from the Melbourne band Towels is also amazing. The song is equally amazing, you should definitely watch/listen to this right now.

And just a few other recommendations:

- Don't buy a black car. I know, I know, they look so cool! They totally do and that is why I own one... but if you're lazy like me you're not going to wash it every week and it's going to end up all dusty and dirty and you'll end up feeling sad every time you see it.

- Listen to my girl Obnoxious Owl - relationship should not be that hard! Sure everybody has their ups and downs and you will have fights, but being with your partner should make you happy the majority of the time! You should be having fun! If you're having to question it all the time, it's probably not worth it.

- Check out Target's jeggings. The proper denim ones that look like regular jeans only with a lot of stretch and an elastic waist band. They only go up to a size 16 but if you're a size 18/small 20 you will probably be able to fit into them and they are really awesome.

- Buy a MagicBullet blender. Or if you're able to find one, buy a knock-off one from K-Mart for $25 like I did (if you follow me on twitter you probably already know this because I wouldn't shut up about it). It is SO GOOD! I love it, I can't stop making smoothies.

That's all the wisdom I have to share for now, have a good weekend babes.

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