Wednesday, December 15, 2010

silliest outfit of the day

What am I even doing?! Why am I taking photos of a totally boring outfit while standing around in my kitchen?! I'm wearing flip flops, my shirt cost $5, why am I showing you guys this?!

So I'll tell you a secret - I actually just wanted an excuse to post this video:

fat body (in)visible from Margitte Kristjansson on Vimeo.

Made by Margitte and starring Keena and my girl Jessica it is so well made and really moving (when Keena was talking about being at the airport I cried) and definitely worth watching.

While on the subject of Size Acceptance etc I recently read this post from the amazing Leah over at where she talks about “Contextual Fatness”. This really struck a chord with me because I am also at a size where I am not limited to only shopping at plus-sized stores. I own/wear/fit into clothes ranging between a large size 12 and a small size 20, I often can go into a straight sized store and buy clothing from a much wider selection and I realise that this is a privilege that a lot of larger women don't have. I know I am not the fattest girl in the world. But, like Leah says, in the social circles I am in, at school, at jobs, I have generally been the fattest woman in the room and it is definitely something I notice, especially in social situations, and it is definitely an "othering" experience every time I notice it. Expressions like "in-betweenie" just feel patronising to me because it makes me feel like my experiences as a fat woman are somehow less important than those of women who are bigger than me. I wish that there wasn't so much talking about "how fat is fat" and how Crystal Renn is a traitor for losing weight etc etc. For something that is supposed to be a really positive thing it seems to breed a lot of negativity and that really sucks.

On a less serious note - remember my beautiful Jeffrey Campbell Foxy Leopard Platforms? These ones:

Well after wearing them twice and getting blisters on the balls of my feet from them moving around too much, I've had to admit that size 8 is too big for me and so I am selling them here! I know a lot of you guys liked them so here's your chance to have them. I'm only doing shipping within Australia because I can't be bothered with international shipping (unless somebody wants to make me a ridiculous offer I can't refuse) so Aussies, go bid!

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Pretty Penny Mae said...

Such a fantastic video, thanks for posting it!