Wednesday, February 2, 2011


onesie: asos curve, clogs: gorman, medallion thing that I turned into a necklace: op shop (but I guess originally Vegas)

So I made my first ever order to Asos on January 5th (along with orders to Evans and New Look). I moved house two weeks later and set up a redirection order for my mail. A couple of weeks later I hadn't received any of my parcels so I contacted Asos, New Look and Evans. Asos and New Look replied within a couple of days advising that they would look into it, Evans didn't respond at all (and so far they haven't replied to a second email I've sent). I made a second Asos order on January 19th... and that order arrived today. I'm guessing there's been some kind of mix up because of my mail redirection so I've been contacting Australia Post about that (apparently I have to wait "1 - 10 working days" for the parcel warehouse manager to reply to an email) but I'm really disappointed in Evans customer service.

I've done a lot of internet shopping in my time and this is the first time I've ever had a bad experience so I don't want to try and scare anyone away from buying online, I just thought I would share my experience with you guys in case anyone else was thinking about buying anything online and then moving house because it's probably better to wait until you're in the new house!

PS. I had a comment from Sophie that somehow disappeared (??) asking what size my onesie is - it's a UK 20 which according to ASOS is the equivalent to a USA 16 which I think is the same as an AU 18.


Sophie said...

that sucks dude. you really shouldn't have to deal with that shit. maybe from a bad ebay seller but COME ON!!!

Also love the onsie, can I ask what size it is?

Anonymous said...

where's the skellington? :<