Friday, March 25, 2011

shoes: ASOS, jeans: DeJour, top: ASOS, coat: montanaco (via ModCloth)

My boyfriend and I entered the world of customised tailor-made jeans today. I’d heard people talking about doing this before but I’d always imagined it would be really expensive or they would look weird or be bad quality but now my mind is 100% changed! They fit me perfectly, from my weird hip-to-waist ratio (my hips are nearly 10 inches bigger than my waist), my short little legs (i’m 5’3”) and my big thighs down to my smaller calves. I've never had a pair of jeans fit anywhere near this well. They did all the alternations while I waited (I had to try them on and have them altered more about four times) and the whole process took about 20 mins and $40 each for a pair for me and a pair for Tom.

The guy working there said that next time if I give him about two weeks notice he’ll do my measurements and make an entire pair exactly for me so they’ll fit even better. The largest waist size they have in stock is 42" but if you can wait a couple of weeks to get them, they can make you a pair based on your measurements so that's good for anyone who has problems getting jeans to fit. If you're in Melbourne and want to get some tailor made jeans head to Dejour Jeans. 542 Sydney Rd, Brunswick.

Tom and I started with the same wash, same rise and same cut and this is how different ours turned out:

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