Wednesday, April 20, 2011

we love colors review!

A little while ago I bought some tights from We Love Colors and I wore them on the blog (here) but mentioned that I wished I'd gotten a smaller size because they were a bit too big for me. The babes at We Love Colors saw one of my posts, contacted me and offered to send me some tights in a smaller size to review.

The orange and white tights I originally bought were these $9 Solid Color Plus Sized Tights and I got them in a size 2XL (I usually get tights in a size too big because I like to be able to pull them up to my waist). What I didn't realise was this style of tights don't have lycra in them and therefore they weren't very stretchy so they went baggy around the knees and ankles.

These green ones that We Love Colors sent to me are these $15 Plus Sized Nylon/Lycra tights in a size A/B and I really love them. They're thick so they keep my legs warm, very stretchy and much more opaque than the non-lycra kind. If you're going to buy a pair I think it's definitely worth spending the extra $6 and getting the tights with lycra. We Love Colors were kind enough to send me a couple of other pairs so look out for them on the blog soon.

dress: river island (via ASOS), tights: courtesy of we love colors, boots: ASOS

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