Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Paola Loves To Shop Sunglasses Giveaway!

I've talked about how much I love Paola Loves To Shop before and I've worn a pair of her black Katie Cat glasses on my blog here, here and here. Well she and I are teaming up to give away a pair of the super glamorous gold Katie Cat sunglasses (pictured above on me) to one lucky reader!

Here are the rules to enter this awesome giveaway:

- entry closes on October 21st 2010
- entry is open to everyone (international)
- to enter you need to comment on this post and include your email address
- for optional extra entries you may: be following Fat Aus (either on google connect or bloglovin), go to Paola Loves To Shop and tell me in the comments which are your favourite sunglasses or follow me on twitter. If you've done any of these extra just let me know in your comment and you'll receive an extra entry for each one.
- the winner will be selected using a random number generator

Also if you can't wait to see if you win the giveaway, Paola has given me a discount code for all readers - if you buy something from her shop just use the code FatAus for 20% off!

Good luck babes! xx


Ally said...

GLAMOUR SHOT! Your fur coat is excellent. My email address is alexandra.hazel.garrett@gmail.com, and I follow your blog and I follow you on twitter! I am allygarrett on the ole tweet box.

jocelyn said...

Enter me, please! xashxnightx at gmail dot com. Also, I follow you in google and my favorite sunglasses are the subway map wayfarers.

brodie said...

so rad! I used the code to grab myself the reflective lens and jaguar wayfarers. thanks, woman! xo

Shailee said...
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Shailee said...

Damn ittttt. I wish it were fair for me to enter this contest you babely babe.


Mango_Pickle said...

Gurl not only do they look fly on you, I'd MURDER someone for those glasses. My email is deboandjames @ gmail.com

shya_pwns_you said...

those looks so amazing.


Miss Amelia said...

i could rock those, for sure...

stina honey said...

so much amazing going on here.


hollypop said...

they look smokin' on you!
and i love your hair like that.

Corrine/Frock And Roll said...

Those glasses are too awesome! Crossing my fingers and toes!

tom said...


vita bread said...


i follow you here, and i don't have a twitter :(
but my ave sunglasses are the jaguar wayfarers, HOT!

i hear noises said...



im obviously a follower youre super awesome
and those nerdy heart frames are also super awesome over on Paola


+Sankta Ella+ said...

I am completely in love with those sunglasses :.)


Lilac said...

Those sunglasses are amazing! I'm following you :)


Ally said...

Uh oh! I commented up there but forgot my email.
Ally x

Stefanie said...

Adore the gold glasses!
My email address is Scotch.and.Sofa@gmail.com

I also follow you on Twitter and Google Reader.

natalie said...

I love these!!

Email: natawolfe@gmail.com

Following you on Twitter :)

Erin said...

Gosh you are freaking fantastic. I love your blog. You and I are shaped very alike and have very similar tastes in clothing. Absolutely adore you!


jordan said...

you rock the shit out of those glasses lady.


Starla said...

Those sunglasses are just awesome!!

I'm following your blog via google connect and I went to Paola Loves To Shop and my favourite sunglasses are the Leopard Wayfarers!


thanks for the giveaway!

Yasemin said...

I love those sunglasses, they are my favorites.
I am following you on bloglovin as well. I am also following you on twitter

my email address is yazzi.luvs.gaara@gmail.com

maria sumina said...

they're super cute. enter me pls! and i follow your blog - been looking at it ever since you first posted in ss about it!



carly said...

Sign me up!


Nancy Magoo said...

Yes please! I follow you on here and on twitter.

I think the last thing I won was a drink bottle at a science fair in high school...I truly am a lucky person ;)

Louise said...

Cool, I'm in!

flyezilla at gmail.com

I follow you on twitter (flye), google friend connect and my favourite sunnies are definitely the Subway Map Wayfarers. Super cool.

Weesha said...

love the Alex the Cat sunnies, sign me up please :)


Zorita said...



following you on twitter as well


i am torn between alex the cat & katie the cat for my favorites. the black & gold alex ones are so good.

also, i'm decameters on twitter & i'm following you.


swallow glitter said...

i love the alex the cat glasses! :)


Madeleine George said...

Your blog is so fucking rad. I, myself am a girl who likes her food, but also doesn't dress like every 'fat girl' should.

It would be sweet if I won this giveaway, thanks for giving us all a chance.

Leni George

P.S. I am also following you on Google connect.

cutselvage said...

so rad, I love your blog. Email is stormsolstice at gmail dot com, and I follow you on twitter (cutselvage).

Daisy said...

Such a fab photo and awesome giveaway!

JENNIFER said...

Sweet glasses and coat!

I'm following you on google connect.

My favorite sunglasses from Paola Loves To Shop is the Flat Top Studded Sunglasses.

and I'm following you also on twitter; I'm cheetahprint on there. ;)

jennpoon at yahoo dot com

Princess said...

you look so diva glam in that photo, i love it! i also followed you on twitter, i'm sparklescience :)


Jessica said...

Those sunglasses would be amazing in a Halloween costume! :)

Fellow Rover said...

These sunglasses are fierce! Keeping my fingers crossed!

Extra entries:

Following blog via gfc as khrista porcadilla.

Love the Flat Top Snake Print Aviator and Movie Star sunglasses!

Twitter follower as bellekhris.

khrisocubillo at yahoo dot com

Kristen said...

Those are sweet!
Email: thekristoons@gmail.com
my fave sunglasses: Leopard wayfarers
Twitter follower as combatbabby

Nicole said...

Wonderful picture! My favorite glasses are the Alex the Cat sunglasses or maybe the Techno-Cat... It is really tough to decide. I think I need them in my life!

I follow you through Google (awellroundedventure@gmail.com) and Twitter (@astryid).

caron said...

yaaaay! I follow you on blogger and twitter and my favourite PLTS sunnies are the Black Status Frame Wayfarers. Love your blog and love your style!
Caron :) (normabette on twitter)

M. said...

I follow you on twitter (I'm shesapartofme).
Love these sunnies:


Amelia Berry said...



Carly Findlay said...

you rock! i follow you on twitter and your blog.