Tuesday, October 5, 2010


So. I bought some clogs.

clogs: gorman (via ebay), dress: pins & needles, bag: big w, jacket: op shop, ring: savers, sunglasses: sportsgirl, ice-cream: costco.

I'm really not meaning to do that weird trying-to-be-sexy thing by having my mouth open all the time, usually I'm talking to Tom while he's taking photos. I'm going to work on being quiet so I can have some nicer, closed mouth photos.

My new clogs are super comfy and were super cheap (I love you ebay!) and I love them.


Natalie Mulford said...

I swear you have the best collection of cute dresses! I love them!

I'm not sure I'm into the clog trend. I'm kinda loving and hating at the same time, its a little strange! I love seeing other people in them, I just don't think they are me!

When I was in Melbourne the other weekend, I was talking to a friend about Costco, I had her explain it to me! It's not yet made it to Adelaide. I'm thinking of getting her to take me to visit when I'm in Melbourne this month!

green penis said...

pretty great bag for big w..
the clogs suit you.
i'm not sure how i feel about the flower print on the dress versus the one on the jacket, they seem to..clash or something. but thats just my humble opinion, im sure other's would think it ties the look together.. =)

LARRIE said...

that floral patch jacket, amazing! x

brodie said...

i, personally, dig the double floral!
i also love those clogs! they're exactly what i've been looking for, but all i seem to find are ones with enclosed tops or too-high heels or too-high price tags or too-yellow colouring (i'm looking at you, gorman discount store on bridge rd!)

Anonymous said...

that lipstick color is so perfect, what brand/color is it!?

Harlow Darling said...

That dress is AMAZING, wow, seriously am having major outfit envy now even though I have like 10 floral dresses :P

nicolette said...

come hang out with me in nyc, please.

Fat Aus said...

thanks babes!

nicolette - I WISH! Maybe one day!

anon - it's MAC ruby woo lipstick with MAC cherry lip liner xx

Violet said...

love the floral and the bag!

oh and what an awesome profile picture you've got there i love it

Vi from Cali

hiven said...