Thursday, November 18, 2010


I've been getting so many compliments on my hair lately and it's because I've recently discovered the BEST products I've ever used. I'm not wearing a very blog-worthy outfit today so instead join me on a journey through my hair from the past year so you'll understand exactly how dry and damaged my hair was and then I'll tell how it's looking so good now.

About a year ago I had long dark brown hair that was in fairly good condition. It wasn't awesome but it was pretty good.

I shaved half my head

Then bleached one side blonde

Then I got sick of the shaved bit and flipped my hair over to cover it while it grew out

Got bored of being a brunette and dyed my hair red

Decided to act like a 15 year old again and dyed my hair really bright red. This lasted about two days.

So I dyed it dark red again.

Then I faded it to light red

And dyed the ends brighter red

Finally a couple of months ago I was into the ombre thing so I bleached my ends and dyed the top of hair brown. You can see in this photo how dry and gross my ends were. I was using shampoo and conditioner designed for dry/damaged hair (I tried a million different brands, both expensive and cheaper stuff), hair repairing treatments, detangling sprays and leave in conditioners. I didn't straighten it or curl it and I barely ever blow dried it but it still felt and looked damaged.

When I got my extensions they were silky smooth but after a couple of washes with the stuff I was using even they were starting to feel dried out as well so I decided to change products.

Last week I was in Priceline and came across a line of products from a UK brand called Scandalous. They actually caught my eye because of the 'Big & Beautiful' written along the top haha. I bought the Volumising Shampoo, Volumising Conditioner and Intensively Glossy Rescue Treatment:

And seriously look at how good my hair looks:

No leave in conditioner, no de-tangling spray just washed and air dried/blow dried. It feels silky and soft and it looks shiny and awesome. I realise I sound like a commercial but seriously, I would do commercials for them because I am so happy to have nice hair again. I don't know if it really does much in terms of volumising but who cares! If you're hating on your hair use this brand guys, it's amazing.


Katrin said...

Sound nice. And people are right for complimenting you, your hair look just really lovely and healthy!
I've got short hair, so all the bleaching and dying and so isn't that bad ^^

hollypop said...

your fringe looks so good!
my ends are atrocious. i need a cut and a treatment.

Lauren Jayne said...

omg so going to priceline

Julia said...

my hair was like that! i discovered rusk thermal serum and its the shit also. idk if they'd have it in australia (i'm from the US) but it makes my hair so much thicker and softer and like plusher if that makes sense.
luv yr blog

Elizabeth said...

It looks so healthy now. I also love your shaved side. I'm thinking of getting an undercut!

Also, your face is gaawwwgeous!

thomessa said...

Your hair has been through a lot and it still looks good!

•TeacupGrunge• said...

wow. thats awesome. im always searching for something to make my hair look less dry and damaged (a very thinned out, layered mullet style hair cut 4 years ago plus straightening for 5 years will do that!) Having extensions has helped me blend it all in, and I've been using pantene which is actually helping! (even though it made my hair fall out last time i used it...eek) I will definitely be giving this a go though! Thanks for the heads up :)