Wednesday, November 17, 2010


dress: dangerfield, tank: target, shoes: k-mart

This is such a weird dress. I bought it from Dangerfield a couple of years ago and it had regular straps but at some point one of them broke so I turned it into a halter. The shape of it is really weird and not at all conventionally "flattering" - it has one seam the goes across the middle of my stomach and another seam that goes across the middle of my hips and it's basically cut straight up and down on the sides but I like it. It has little lightning bolts on it and it's really light/comfortable in warm weather. I think the whole idea of "flattering clothing" is bullshit anyway.

I met this guy on my travels today. I have such a soft spot for ginger cats.

Also I'm pretty in love with my hair extensions. I'm going to get some longer ones so I can pretend I'm a mermaid or something this summer.


asha said...

I agree, "flattering" doesn't really work for me, creating different shapes with clothing is much more interesting. Your eyebrows look good!

Where do you get your extensions? Clip ins?

Gazel M. said...

I love your hair in the last pic.

annierama said...

I really love your blog!
I think it´s something special!
keep on doing your thing!

Natalie Mulford said...

I love your hair! It looks so fantastic in the last photo!

Some dresses are made weird, you look at them and just think "what the!?" but you rock it!

nicolette said...


and now i want hair extensions. desperately. go figure.

Infatuation with Fashion said...

Cute! I wish I could rock the whole blunt bang and pigtail thing...but thanks to my poofy hair I would look like a poodle with pom-poms attatched to my head. But you, you definitely make it look good.

Elizabeth said...

Your hair and your face are amazing! (I mean your body is banging too, but the last pic? So hot).

Leah Susanna said...

You make me miss my hair extensions! I think I'll put them back in to jazz up my look for christmas ^_^.

Flattering is totally bullshit! I wish I had the guts to wear things that aren't flattering (maybe I already do though, who knows!), but I'm kind of a wallflower when it comes to showing off my bod.